Photo Licensing

Many of my photographs are available for licensing for both editorial and commerical use.  If you are interested in licensing one of my images for either print or electronic use, please contact me with a description of the image you want to use, whether the file is for print or electronic usage and the size you would need the file. I will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if the image is available for license, what the fee would be for your usage, and what the specific terms for the license would be.


In most cases, my terms are

1. License fee is for one-time single-use of the image. If you plan on using the image more than once, please include the number of uses you are planning in your email to me.

2. Image file will be sent after payment is received. We accept Mastercard and Visa for phone payments. Web payments can be made through Paypal.

3. Image size is determined by the number of pixels in the longest dimension of the image. If you have a question about the size of a specific image or need an image in a different size or crop, just let us know.

4. Files will be sent as JPEG files at 300 pixels/inch in the Adobe RGB colorspace.

5. You are responsible for any liability that arises from your use of the image. I cannont be responsible for how you use my image. I will inform you of any restrictions I am aware of on the use of any of my images. I do not have model or property releases for my images. You are responsible for determinng if any additional permission is needed for the use of the image, and for obtaining any additional permission.

Please contact me  for more information about licensing one of my photographs.